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What do the stars on World Cup jerseys (and others) mean?

Many football fans do not look at the jerseys of teams and never at their emblems. They see just a beautiful picture, enjoy the game, and this is enough. However, you should delve into the history of football. You will find out a lot of fascinating and unfamiliar things.

The stars are a holy artifact, a memorial, the best years, and the club’s most famous victories. For an ordinary fan, the familiar star above the club emblem is nothing more than an insignificant image attribute. Many even consider the figure an integral part of the logo. But for loyal fans who read the history of the club, the star on the emblem is more than just a tradition.

What do the stars on World Cup jerseys (and others) mean? Why are the stars added to the logo? We will tell you about these stars, as well as about their features in different countries.


What do the eight stars on the Champions League logo mean?

The Champions League creature meant not only a new aesthetic but also a new format. The group stage appeared in the last European Champions Cup in the 1991/92 season. And UEFA had to emphasize its importance. The structure of the first Champions League was as follows.

The tournament began with the elimination matches. Of the 32 teams, eight remained. Then the draw divided them into two groups of four. Only the best continued, and the main thing began. UEFA wanted to reflect this moment on the logo. Eight stars on the Champions League logo symbolize eight teams of the stage, that is no longer in the tournament.


Italian Serie A

What do the three stars on Juventus jersey mean?

You will not find a particular standard for assigning stars to club emblems anywhere. For example, Italy has one of the most stringent and transparent systems. A star moves to the jersey for every ten titles won in Serie A. But even with this order, there are misunderstandings. As you can know, the country most titled club Juventus got to the corruption scandal. Serie A deprived two titles and sent the team to Serie B.

The team stopped placing two stars over its emblem, insisting on three. According to the president of the club, Juventus had 31 championship titles on their account. The Federation of the Italian League has a strong opinion on this matter. They did not remove the toughest sanctions from Juventus, did not accept any appeals, and did not recognize that league titles. In protest against such a brutal decision, the club completely abandoned the stars.

But in 2015, Juventus stopped working with Nike, and Adidas became the club’s new technicalsponsor. On the new Bianconeri uniform, Adidas placed three stars above the emblem – 10 for each scudetto won. Juventus officially had 30 league titles at that time.


Scottish Premiership

A similar to the Italian system adheres to the 54-time champion of Scotland Glasgow Rangers. The team fell into a debt hole, and the League sent them to the Championship several seasons ago. There are five stars on their jerseys, like on a good cognac.

At the same time, the main rivals of Glasgow Celtic, do not use this system. They won 49 champion titles but put on the jersey only one star. The star that means winning the Champions Cup. In their opinion, it does not kill the image of the emblem with its asymmetry and is worth five stars of its rivals.


English Premier League

Why does Manchester City have stars on their badge?

You can do an analysis, but you will see stars only at the Manchester City jersey. The fans of the English Premier league treat the badge stars quite coldly. The current English champion has three notable stars printed on top. These stars have only a decorative meaning.

They do not mean any victories, and they symmetrically complement the uniqueness of the club. But Manchester City decided to renew their club emblem, and the current version has no stars on it.

London Arsenal makes the main emphasis on the gun, and this is the reason for their nickname The Gunners. Manchester United has the devil on its badge. Therefore, as you can see, EPL teams do not care about the stars on the emblem.


German Bundesliga

Why does Bayern Munich have four stars?

The most titled team in Germany is Bayern Munich. Its trophy room has 29 Bundesliga cups, but there are four stars above the badge. How can it be so? Maybe it means five Champions League trophies? The regard giving procedure is even more difficult than elsewhere.

They supply the first star for three victories in the Bundesliga, two stars for five, three for ten, and four stars for twenty. A pretty strange count, but it works. As a result, Bayern Munich has to win one more championship, and their emblem will already have five stars. It seems that this will happen very soon.


French League 1

In France, clubs also like to sparkle all over Europe with their stars, but there is no single system. The number of stars is an exclusively personal and intra-club thing. They can put a star for every promising football player in school. So, the Marseille Olympic has one star over its logo, but which one – for the victory in the Champions League. They are very proud of it.

And the modest Nantes, with its immodest eight stars, reminds fans of eight champion titles, the last of which was in 2001. The most titled club in France, if you count the championship titles, is Saint-Etienne. There is one giant star above its badge. It looks that image-makers of the club wanted to show pride in a dozen victories in the French championship.


South America

In faraway South America, there are no strict rules for putting stars on club emblems. Everyone is free to live and develop there as they want. So, some can draw stars for each championship, bringing their number to one and a half dozen. And others, such as, for example, the Argentinean Boca Juniors, native to Diego Maradona, generally do not like to brag about victories in the domestic arena for some time.

Until 2008, Boca Juniors put stars on the badge for any significant trophy won by the club. Since 2008, their number has stopped to change. Before the club’s most important games, three big stars appear above the badge. It means that the team has won three Intercontinental Cups – three titles of the biggest club in the world.

Most likely, the reluctance to change is due to the extra costs for rebranding and regular changes in club attributes. After all, it is better to spend an extra couple of millions of dollars on searching for several talents from the provinces and the development of club infrastructure.


World cup jersey stars

In this case, the system is simple – one championship is equal to one star. The most titled national team in the world is Brazil. It has five big stars on its jersey. But their last win was World Cup in 2002. The current generation does not satisfy its older comrades. After Brazil are the national team of Italy and Germany, they have four stars each. Germans got their long-awaited fourth star after the win in 2014.

Famous Argentina’s national team has two stars on the emblem, for success in 1978 and 1986. Messi and friends should start to think about it. The 2018 World Cup winner France added one more star to their collection. They have two now. England and Spain have one star each.


Why does Uruguay have four stars on their jersey?

Also, we should tell you about the first-ever world champion, the national team of Uruguay. They have four stars on their jersey. Two of them are for victories at the World Cup, and two others are for triumphs at the Olympic Games.


Stars as design elements

We already told you that Manchester City used stars only for decoration. What clubs use it too?

Galatasaray from Turkey has three stars on the badge. According to local traditions, the stars are part of the national symbolism.Red Star has stars on its jersey as an element of decor. Although the team has many titles.The modest Odense from Denmark does not have a large number of titles, because Copenhagen mainly wins the local championship. However, there are three stars on the emblem of the club. The club won the title three times.

But there are also tragic stories of putting stars on a club logo. Chapecoense, whose team crashed in a plane crash on November 29, 2016, decided to immortalize the memory of their teammates with a star.


A funny fact about stars

Although international associations have tried to introduce strict public rules – one star for each world title, there is one exception. The Egyptian Football Federation somehow managed to place and popularize seven stars on its jersey. Supposedly it means the number of African Cups won by the team.

But FIFA quickly stopped this and even punished the Africans with a fine, warning of possible sanctions.


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